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On the SOUND

Posted by Erik Brodt on
On the SOUND

In many ways, our lives together began along the Puget Sound - with both of  us in the thick of school and training...and the Sound was our playground. We loved every minute walking along the shores and breathing in the sea air. Last week we took to the road in our van - always with the puppies, mind you - and meandered our way...truly, the long way around...up through the Olympic Peninsula and onto Camano Island. The purpose of this slow roll being the wedding celebration of some friends...celebrated in a way only possible on the Puget Sound. The day was breezy and everyone pitched in something...from expertise to enthusiasm, from skill to grill. The group convened on a homestead flanking the lapping waters along the Western shores of Camano Island...stretched across the shore everyone set tent or made camp where inspired. Inspiring, for sure. The overnight crew kicked things off by pulling crab pots and firing up the grills from those gents at DEL FUEGO IRONWORKS - noted outdoor grill-engineering experts. Chefs...yeah, at least two who made sure tip-top tastes were abundant. Then we settled into the best crab and adovada quesadillas...the best...and laughter and stories. What a way to spend the evening... After sunset we all found our ways back to our respective tents and drifted off to sleep to the gentle lapping of the Puget Sound. Exhale...


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