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Posted by Erik Brodt on

Greetings from Portland, Oregon! Spring is shifting into Summer...almost over night. Around here, it means people begin to wake up. Seriously. Portland's long Winter nap has come to an end and it is the season for exploring and visiting with friends. Our first adventure of the year was to the Oregon Coast. Amanda and I had ambitions of driving most of the coast, but found a pleasant and lonely stretch of beach that we just could not leave. As the seasons change, storms often blow in from the ocean - raining one minute, bright and sunny the next. We cannot wait for the coming adventures. Coast - Mountain - Dune - Desert - and the quiet, two-lane roads which get us there. EXHALE...Summer is here. Finally - we will pack up the dogs and visit the people and places in Oregon that never cease to inspire. Look out - here we come.

A morning on the beach with Stinky and Pippa. No one around for as far as you can see. This is what awaits us this Summer...

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