Genesis : The story of the oak leaf

This leaf represents where Ginew started & where we’re going. Seeking to brand in 2011, we encountered many agencies who “knew exactly...” how to represent us....often concocting bizarre logos with feathers, bows, arrows & headdresses.

Art&Sons was the first creative agency to see beyond the novelty of us being Ojibwe & Oneida-Stockbridge Munsee. They asked tough questions, did their homework, and their FIELD WORK. They went to our origin - to the giant white oak tree under which we had our marriage ceremony...this leaf slowly dropped from the sky as they sat below.

The Ginew leaf - a symbol from the place where we began to walk our journey together...timeless & connected to our woodland cultures...and forever part of our story moving forward.

We put it on a new tee for Spring so that it can be part of your journey as well. 

Green tee shirt with a golden brown oak leaf screen sprint on the front center chest