A picture of a bandana laying on a cream background. The fabric of the bandana is golden-yellow and the design on the bandana is printed in black ink. The design includes flowers and decorative shapes around the edge and an outline of a buffalo and the word "Ginew" in the middle.
A picture of many bananas in green, yellow, blue, and red shades. The bandanas are tied to a stick which is hung in front of a white cloth backdrop.

Ginew Buffalo Bandana Gold + Black

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Inspired by a visitor during a storied cross-country truck trip is the origin story of the Ginew Buffalo Bandana. We admire the lessons Buffalo teach us - empathy, strength, and wisdom. Head into the storm and roam free.


  • 100% cotton 
  • Measure 20" x 20"
  • Butter-soft selvedge fabric
  • Cut, sewn, washed, and discharge printed by hand in East Nashville, Tennessee
  • Made in USA

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