Yellow tee shirt laying flat on a neutral background. The tee shirt has a graphic design of a Raven in black and red ink.
T-shirt worn on She-Hulk premiere
Close up of graphic design of a Raven in black and red ink.
Close up of graphic design of a Raven in black and red ink.
Close up of inside of back of tee with printed tag that reads: "GINEW - JENNIFER YOUNGER - PRINTED IN USA - 100% COTTON - WEAR WITH SPIRIT"

Raven Tee

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Raven Tee  Ginew + Jennifer Younger Collaboration

We love Jennifer's jewelry so we asked her to draw a Raven for us! Look for Raven to show up in other Ginew pieces coming soon!

"About Raven : The Tlingit people of Southeast Alaska have two descent groups, call moieties. The two moieties are Raven (Yéil) and Eagle (Ch'aak'). I am Eagle. Throughout my jewelry making I’m drawn to the Raven designs, as my opposite. So I was honored to collaborate with Ginew on a new design for their apparel. 

There are many stories of Raven in Northwest Coast culture. In Tlingit culture there are two different characters: one is the creator raven and the other is sly and conniving raven." ~ Jennifer Younger

 Jennifer Younger is a Tlingit artist from Sitka, Alaska. She started making jewelry, incorporating Tlingit designs, as a way to learn more about that part of her heritage. She is best known for the fusion of traditional metal carving with contemporary elements. She is fulfilling her dream of pursuing something related to traditional Tlingit art, while having the freedom to express her own style. 

Jennifer draws inspiration from traditional Tlingit formline designs, historic artifacts, spruce root basket weaving patterns, and from the contrast and texture of metals.  The pieces created start with sheet metal of mostly silver or copper. Everything is cut and shaped by hand. The wooden tools used, to shape the jewelry, are all handmade as well. Each engraved creation is made solely by the artist, engraved freehand and one-of-a-kind. 

 Psst.... this tee was also worn by the Hulk in the Disney+ Marvel – She-Hulk® premiere!



  • 100% Cotton
  • Printed in California
  • Unisex sizing 
  • Portion of the sale goes to artist

Size Chart

Flat lay measurements - not circumference. 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters. 

Tees Body length Body width Neck opening Bottom opening Sleeve opening
XSmall 27" 16.5" 4.5" 16.5" 5.75"
Small 28" 18" 5" 17.5" 6"
Medium 29" 20" 5.5" 20" 6.75"
Large 30" 22" 6.5" 22" 7"
XLarge 31" 24" 6.75" 24" 7.5"
XXLarge 32" 26" 6.75" 24" 7.5"
2XLarge 33" 27.5" 6.75" 24" 7.5"


Ginew is a Native American-owned family business that focuses on collaborating with Native American artists. WEAR WITH SPIRIT. 

Ginew Clothing company Co-founders Native American Amanda Bruegl and Erik Brodt in field


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