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Elk Down Vest NAVY


The ELK DOWN VEST features classic alpine style and made with 5 oz. 700 fill-power goose down and hunted elk yoke. The vest has a solid brass zip front, custom Ginew® snaps, and deep front pockets. The ELK DOWN VEST is meticulously constructed in the USA by our friends at a family-owned factory in Seattle, WA on the Puget Sound.

  • Classic Alpine style
  • Hunted Elk yoke
  • 5 oz. 700-fill goose down
  • Solid brass front zipper
  • Ginew® snaps on placket
  • Deep front pockets

Slowly winding up the narrow, rocky canyon road in our old Ford truck, we crept past old-growth trees and a bubbling stream. The shades of late Summer transitioned to golds and reds of the Fall, mixed with sages and greens. Out here - we are the visitors in the home of black bear, mule deer and elk. Completing the last switch we came face-to-face with 20 bull elk. Beautiful. Massive. Regal. Next stop, Zumwalt Prairie - home to a vibrant elk herd.

We use hunted leathers for clothing as our relatives have since time immemorial. By doing so, we honor and incorporate traditional ways of being into our daily life. Every Fall we go into the woods to hunt - to be in the circle - to live our tribal life ways.

When you put on the ELK DOWN VEST you wear timeless tradition. You carry the spirit of the mountains - prairie - crisp air - Fall colors - regal elk - and every step made in forest and prairie.