Water Remembers Bandana Navy

Water Remembers Bandana Navy

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Water Remembers Tee Ginew + Sebastian Ebarb Collaboration

Artist Statement: "In collaborating with Ginew, we wanted to create a series speaking to water and its meaning. I wanted to show water's beauty and speak to how it remembers us and our kin. Water holds us up and keeps us moving forward. It flows through us and our rivers in our lakes, our oceans, our land. We are alive because of it. Mixing text and symbols of the ancient snapping turtle with waves I looked to create a nostalgic design for all to wear and remember water in the way it remembers us."

Sebastian Ellington Flying Eagle Ebarb (Choctaw-Apache tribe of Ebarb) is an award-winning graphic design artist based in Boston, Massachusetts. Working to push past conventional thinking, Ebarb's experience and co-ownership of the design studio Nahi (meaning “we” in Apache) is centered on empowering and uplifting those around him.


  • 100% cotton bandana (USA)
  • Collaboration with Sebastian Ebarb
  • 22" x 22"
  • Water-based discharge printing (Portland, ORE)
  • Portion of each sale goes directly to artist


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