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Mohican Crew Jacket Khaki


The Mohican Crew Jacket is a lightweight jacket with classic style and a modern fit - intended to be both comfortable and durable for activities around town or at play outdoors. The jacket is manufactured in Los Angeles in a small, family-owned company with a tradition of heavy-duty, quality manufacturing. Also available in charcoal

  • Made in USA - Los Angeles, CA (USA)
  • Custom 65/35 poly-cotton twill shell (USA)
  • Side welt pockets with 100% cotton liner (USA)
  • Solid brass, front zip closure (Japan)
  • Ginew® sleeve button closure (USA)
  • Custom Ojibwe Thunderbird patch (USA)

In the early 1900’s, the Stockbridge-Munsee Nation acquired a new parcel of land in Northern Wisconsin to establish the present-day reservation. The Mohican Crew collection is dedicated to grandpa and his cousins who worked on the 1930’s Mohican CCC Crew to build infrastructure - roads, bridges, and the iconic stone houses - for the community. We designed and built the Mohican Crew Jacket to embody the values of resilience, strength, and commitment. The Mohican CCC Crew worked tirelessly to build a future home for the Stockbridge-Munsee Nation, and we are forever grateful.