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Thunderbird Patch


  • Made in PORTLAND, OR (USA)
  • Ojibwe Thunderbird Design
  • Ready for adventure #wearwithspirit
  • 4-7/8ths inches X 2 inches

The Thunderbird influence on the collection encompasses the emotions of an eleven-day road trip in our 1971 F250...from our ancestral homelands of the Great Lakes to the Pacific Northwest. Through the boreal forests along Lake Superior, across the plains and badlands of Dakota & Cheyenne lands, to the high desert and ultimately the temperate rainforest of the Pacific...each morning, day, and night an act of intention and, in many ways a prayer. Crisp sunrises, afternoon thunderstorms, still sunsets, and brilliantly starry nights were our muse as we bore witness to the change of seasons. Woven into each patch is the intention, observation, and emotion of this experience.