"We Walk Together" Wool Blanket - ginewusa
"We Walk Together" Wool Blanket - ginewusa
A female model shown wrapped in a "We Walk Together" Wool Blanket.

"We Walk Together" Wool Blanket

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The Ginew® WE WALK TOGETHER wool blanket represents a fusion of our tribal cultures (Ojibwe, Oneida, and Stockbridge-Munsee). The design is the result of an exploration of design with artist Dyani Whitehawk. Each blanket is proudly woven in Oregon by Pendleton® Wool Mills

It is customary in our communities to wrap a newly joined couple in a blanket to symbolize their union. The blanket colors represent the sacred day (sunrise and sunset palate) and wampum belt (purples), teachings which impart values to guide us in our life together. The lodges are in the shape of traditional Ojibwe and Oneida dwellings. The crest symbol fuses timeless symbols from each of our tribes, the dwelling (Ojibwe) and Skydome (Oneida). Together, the colors and symbols represent how we value our traditional beliefs in our home as we walk this journey of life together.


  • 64" X 80"

  • Woven by Pendleton® - OREGON, USA

  • Pure virgin wool 82% & 18% cotton

  • Un-napped, felt bound

  • Custom suede patch

  • Limited quantities

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