A Message from Erik and Amanda

Amanda and Erik stand facing each other and smiling leaning against a vintage truck. The sun shines behind them.

Photo by Josue Rivas

Greetings Ginew Community,

The past two years brought tremendous growth for us personally, professionally and within the Ginew ecosystem. Pandemic aside, Amanda and Erik (we), have grown our Tribe - welcoming in a strong, outspoken and extroverted little girl. In many ways, this has strengthened our focus to be guided by our north star. And, these life shifts created new and exciting opportunities to live further into our values.

Amanda sits on the steps of the boarding school where her grandparents met.  

We set out from Texas and Wisconsin in 2015 to follow our dreams to build up health professionals in the U.S. health workforce and add American Indian voices and values to the slow fashion world. There is a purpose to everything we do at Ginew. We hold steadfast to our values and teachings and bring a contemporary American Indian perspective to the premium denim niche. We bring you designs and stories from our families, infusing our Oneida, Stockbridge-Munsee and Ojibwe voices into every aspect of our collection. Why is this important? We believe more American Indian Alaskan Native (AIAN)-voices in the global fashion industry stand to transform how things are done…to shift the tide from fast-fashion and exploitation of the Earth and Humanity to one of more intentional relationships.

Amanda stands, wrapped in a blanket, facing East looking over Lake Michigan.

Ginew shares our contemporary family story through our garments and it does not stop there. Each piece in the collection has a story that continues as you make each garment your own - and etch your story into each blanket, shirt, pant, hat and jacket. The journey of Ginew continues with you as we walk together.

Erik stands, facing East, looking over Lake Superior.

In the days and months ahead, see us look to the horizon and deep within as Ginew grows. We have a number of exciting things to share and we look forward to an open dialogue with you as the Ginew story and community grows. You will soon learn about dynamic team members who are joining the Ginew Team and we look forward to what lies ahead. Know that we are deeply committed to you and grateful for the trust you place in Ginew to carry a bit of our story with you day-in and day-out as you write your story. Thank you for being among the Ginew community and sitting around this campfire together.

Friends of Ginew sit around a campfire at night.

Photo by Roo Way