Video Stories

Facing East

Ginew presents A Twilight Dawn production

Directed and Edited by Robert A. Cuadra

Produced by Erik Brodt

Song by Joe Rainey, Sr

Music Mix by Robert A. Cuadra

Hair and Makeup by Thelma Eagleheart

Featuring Acosia Red Elk


Creative Direction: Robert Cuadra, Erik Brodt
DP, Editing: Robert Cuadra


Creative Direction: Robert Cuadra, Erik Brodt
DP, Editor: Robert Cuadra


Producers & Story: Erik Brodt & Amanda Bruegl
Editor & Story: Robert Cuadra

Music by Portugal the Man "Bellies Are Full" used with permission courtesy of Portugal The Man

Actor, Model: Steve Dewey
Director, Photographer: Amanda Leigh Smith
DP: Martin Reigl + Drone: Claire Everson
Voice: Tiffany Ayalik