Amanda Bruegl and Erik Brodt co founders of Ginew Inc Native American Owned Clothing Cos.

The Power of Purpose

We courageously embrace possibility. As entrepreneurs, we are driven to transform the apparel industry and the historical representation of Native American culture. 


We honor our family histories. Through this, we express our Native American Indian identities in a contemporary context and share this with the world through our garments and goods.

We aim to connect to a diverse community through our storytelling. We aim to provide opportunities, especially for the Native community. We do not believe in planet vs profit or profit vs people. We care about our ecosystem from our employees and designers to our customers. 

Our small-batch clothing production focuses on quality. Many items we create are in quantities of 100 or less globally. Whenever possible, garments and goods are made in the USA. What does that mean? Fair wages to every person that is part of our manufacturing. We lean into longevity and durability: selvedge denim, wax canvas, cotton chambray, brass hardware, Pendleton-woven wool, and commercial-grade buttons. 

A scene of the Facing East Jacket from the Dehen 1920 Factory.
With the Facing East Flyer Jacket, we donate 20% to directly support initiatives around the Warm Springs Skatepark.
Denim jacket lined with Pendleton woven wool made in USA by Ginew a Native American Comapny
Native americana for all

Garments & Goods

We design and create durable, heirloom-quality garments and goods that incorporate stories of our ancestors and culture. We invite others to understand the history that is sewn into our collection. When our collection is created, it carries our history - once worn by our customers, the garments start recording theirs. We walk together.

Our Heritage

Design Excellence

Artists, musicians and more. We often work with other Native American businesses and collaborators to develop creations that incorporate our heritage and tribal symbols. We get nerdy about the design details - down to the thread and buttons. We are not fast fashion. We do not cater to short-term trends. Ginew constructs timeless pieces that look good today, tomorrow and beyond.

Next Generation

Material Excellence

Nature knows how to keep us covered. Ginew focuses on natural materials: cotton and wool. What does this mean for you? Durability + longevity. The longer clothes last, the few you buy which is wonderful for Earth and the next generation of human and animal relatives. Many of our creations are heirloom-quality which means they are meant to last and last and be handed down to the next generation.

Ginew+Native american artists

Community Excellence

Through our Ginew+ line, we focus on shared successes. When Ginew collaborates with Native designers and artists, they also receive part of the sales. We share profits with the community with fundraisers and donations that reflect our values. If you're interested in learning more, please visit our story on our latest fundraiser

People before profits

Native American Excellence

We choose our collaborators with care and consideration. We partner with many Native small businesses and independent artisans that take pride in their craft while caring for their employees and the Earth.

Native American made and designed by Ginew wool blanket held by model in field
Ginew is a Native American-owned family business creating small-batch garments and goods.