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"About Raven : The Tlingit people of Southeast Alaska have two descent groups, call moieties. The two moieties are Raven (Yéil) and Eagle (Ch'aak'). I am Eagle. Throughout my jewelry making I’m drawn to the Raven designs, as my opposite. So I was honored to collaborate with Ginew on a new design for their apparel. 

There are many stories of Raven in Northwest Coast culture. In Tlingit culture there are two different characters: one is the creator raven and the other is sly and conniving raven." ~ Jennifer Younger

Facing East : Ginew + Dehen

20% of the sales of the Facing East Flyer's Jacket will support initiatives for the Warm Spring Skatepark by The Skatepark Project.


The world is living in uncertain times, experiencing moments of great despair, sadness and confusion juxtaposed with joy, beauty, and solidarity. It may not seem like it, but we have been here before. We created a visual experience to offer hope and inspiration. We started with HORIZONS and we keep going...

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Ginew is honored to be included in Vogue's United States of Fashion, representing The American West.

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