4-in-1 Field Coat
Stencil for personalizing
Deer hunted leather patch
Zip-hidden hood with rubber-tipped drawcord
New Arrival!
Field Coat Facing East

This dynamic four-in-one coat comes complete with a durable 100% cotton shell, a removable and reversible wool + cotton vest, a zip-hidden hood, brass hardware, plus a personalization stencil enabling you to make this truly yours.

Ginew + Steven Paul Judd
Warm Springs Skatepark Collection

This collaboration was brought to life alongside Tactics and The Skatepark Project

Ginew and Tactics are donating a portion of the proceeds to the rebuilding of the skate park at Warm Springs

Ginew is honored to be included in Vogue's United States of Fashion, representing The American West.

Vogue Magazine

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