The winter has been long. Signs are everywhere that brighter days are head - sunsets are longer, plants are stretching, and the optimism of the world waking up is electric. Each Spring we retrieve The Raven from our friend's barn...a yearly celebration of new things to come and adventures to have. The Raven has been with us since 2008 when we bought it specifically to haul our lives back from Seattle to Wisconsin...everything we owned fit into the bed of the truck...and we were off. My father joined me on a six day drive in the old truck across "The Highline" - US Hwy 2 - at 60 MPH with wind in our hair and to the rhythm of the engines low rumble. We passed through timeless towns, met kind people from all walks of life, and shared stories to the glow of the dash lights.

The Raven has carried us through many trips - Seattle to Wisconsin...Texas...Big Bend / Marfa...Minnesota...across many mountain passes...and now the backroads and blue highways of Oregon. Inhale...awakenings are upon us. Every year since I can remember - the energy of Spring has driven me outside on adventures - some near and others far. Driving to connect with myself and others and the land. This year is no different. Where will the next backroad lead? What adventure awaits? Who will join us on this journey? How will you be forever changed?

We cannot wait to share more stories and adventures with you this's time to awaken the spirit. LEARN ABOUT NEW GINEW OFFERINGS.

Special thanks to WesCo Boots for the best boots - Proud Mary Coffee for fueling our dreams - and Robert Cuadra for rolling down the Mississippi.