One of the great things about Portland is the abundance of creative and talented people. You do not have to look far - seriously.  We feel so fortunate to have met such amazing people right in our neighborhood. Looking for a Honda Trail 70 restoration master - check. How about someone who restores antique and vintage guitars - look no further. Oh, you need someone who is an expert at repairing selvedge denim - just around the corner. It is simply the norm. Over and over and around every corner...creativity lives here. In this spirit, we had the pleasure of meeting John Blasioli - a local talent in apparel design and pattern making. We recently spent the afternoon in John's Portland studio going over some finishing touches on a chambray shirt - the Mohican Work Crew Shirt - due to arrive in the coming months. The year is shaping up to be a big step for Ginew. We are expanding our outwear and jackets, while adding jeans and shirting to our collection. Ginew could not have landed in a better spot than Portland, Oregon. Where it seems ambition, creativity and know-how are right at home...and just down the street.