Sometimes you need to get away...and one of the best parts of our getaways is morning camp coffee. Here David shares about his notion of the perfect camp coffee. David has worked in coffee for a long time, like a REAL long time.  He's been the drive-through barista, and the scales-and-precision barista. Either way, he takes great pride in quality and consistency at work. When he's out recharging the last thing on his mind is how balanced his cup is, or how much acidity carries through on a slightly too old bag of Ethiopian.  "When I wake up, I want coffee fast with no hassle so I can get out and enjoy what I really came there to do."

1) Grab a bag of locally roasted coffee (support local shops!)
2) Grind your beans
3) Prep your coffee gear & bring water to boil
4) Add just enough water to saturate the grounds, watch grounds de-gas & expand
5) When done expanding, slowly pour the remaining water
6) Let drain
7) Enjoy!

1) Add coffee to presse
2) Fill the French presse with boiling water
3) At 1 minute, stir
4) Let sit for another 4 minutes
5) Plunge and serve

It’s simple, rough, and carefree, and while you may not win any brew competitions, the people, places, and experiences you have while sharing a cup of coffee in nature always tend to taste better. Sincerely, David and the gang. Special thanks to Brandon and Wood & Faulk for making the journey with us.