"The very air here is miraculous,
and outlines the reality of change with the moment,
the sky sucks up the land and disgorges it,
a dream hangs over the whole region,
a brooding kind of hallucination."
~ John Steinbeck
Indeed...a dream, a hallucination. Thanks to the Bunkhouse crew for your warmth and hospitality, truly. For a few days we dreamed in Baja California Sur. No distractions. Only being. Each day unplanned, yet a methodical prayer to existence. Days here seemed so blissfully long and intentional. For those who know us, we really do not take vacations...we always seem to sneak in work. Not here...not now. Each morning we woke to the pound of the surf, a gentle breeze off the ocean, and the faintest of stars being put to sleep by pink and purple pastels. Each night was the reverse with a walk on the beach, patient sunsets, and stars bright enough to light your path. Dawn & David - Thank you for encouraging us to make real time for vacation...and fueling our newest obsession of chili + lime + salt on fruit. Obsessed...indeed.