Welcome to West Texas - Marfa...welcome to Cobra Rock. Perhaps it's the open landscape - the free wind in your hair - pristine, lingering light of golden hours - a yearning & lonesome steel much keeps calling us back to Marfa, TX. Ginew apparel began during a coffee-fueled morning there one day...pure serendipity...and with a little help from our friends.

Meet Logan & Colt - the creatives behind COBRA ROCK - known for their brilliant, minimalist western-spirited boots. Each boot is lovingly and meticulously crafted right in their shop in Marfa, TX - using domestically sourced materials - and made using vintage tools and machines...hand pounded nails and all. The results are stunning - with boots that improve in look and character each day. Simply put, Cobra Rock boots will become an essential part of your story. The South Highland Boot is romantic...with subtle and elegant curves crafted from durable and rich American leather. Order yourself a pair - then patiently wait for your new favorite, every-occasion boot to arrive.


Cobra Rock's influence on Ginew cannot be understated. They have pushed us to be a better brand - demonstrating that it is possible to continuously seek to hone our design and craft - and mostly to remain true to our vision. I cannot imagine Ginew being where it is today without Logan, Colt, and Cobra Rock...the 1971 F-250 runs to the most gorgeous dump in America - the long, open road toward the Rio Grande - the stillest of sunsets - and clarity only brought by stars so bright they cast your shadow in the desert. These are the moments dreams are made of...and we cannot help but dream of the next time we are able to sneak away to a quiet Marfa and enjoy what makes visiting truly magical - the land and people deeply connected to a cadence of life.

Ginew quality garments can be found in the COBRA ROCK SHOP and a little Ginew, shop-in-shop far out, West Texas.

These days...spending so many hours in our NE Portland neighborhood...we've been dreaming of the places which speak to us...inspire us...breathe life into our lived experience. We've been having some West Texas dreams...and COBRA ROCK we are CHEERING Y'ALL ON FROM PORTLAND, OR!