Coffee with COURIER London

Last month COURIER magazine from London called on us to visit about...well, how we live. For real, our daily life, home, processes, and patterns. What we love about the article most is the keen attention to detail and authentic representation of our lives. Courier asked our friend AMANDA SMITH to take some images as we went about our morning life on the weekend. One of the most consistent things about us - Erik & Amanda - is how we start our day. No matter what, without fail, no matter the time, home or the road...our day begins with coffee. RUBY COFFEE from Wisconsin is our go-to, they send us a few bags via subscription every month...and are en pointe month after month. It's an intentional experience for us - be it 430AM or 1030AM - where we make the time to carefully make a cup of coffee to start our beans, hand grind in early 1900's grinder, pour-over V60 style...we pause to do nothing but sit, enjoy, and share a few quiet moments with our dogs - Stinky & Pippa. For the record, Stinky is soft and non-offensive to the nose, and Pippa is smelly. The weekend Courier & Amanda Smith visited, it was chilly - so they caught us in full morning, coffee, and mocs. Thank you for the visit it is our turn to return the favor and see what London has to offer.