EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY 40% of all Ginew online sales will be donated to the OREGON FOOD BANK. We will donate 40% of all sales through the end of March 2020. The Oregon Food Bank is projected to see a marked increase in need through the coming weeks and months. 

There remains a tremendous amount of uncertainty around the ultimate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic...and what this impact may translate into for our communities. In Portland, in our little nook up in the NE quadrant of this lovely city, there are amazing people seeking out ways to come together and support each other...why, because it's in the fabric of who we are and how we live our values. Portland neighborhoods are largely driven by small, independent businesses...many of which make up what it means to live, create, share, and thrive here. But it's a delicate balance...and many of the businesses here depend on events, foot-traffic, and tourism to ensure fiscal survival. The cost of living in Portland continues to rise and it is tough to make it any month, let alone during  a pandemic...and now with cancellations and closures...there are added stresses for our peers, team members, colleagues, friends, and neighbors...our community.

With businesses and schools closing, families will be stressed and paychecks will be impacted. Rent will still be due...and tough choices will most likely need to be made. The pandemic will be hard on our community - and likely yours - in many ways, so look for solutions and practical ways to come together in your community and neighborhood. By coming together, being sensible, and acting with compassion and wisdom...we will work through this time.

We also recognize how difficult this will likely be on our peers, friends, and colleagues in the independent creative, design and fashion ecosystem(s) across the globe. In the coming days, weeks, and months - know that what you choose to support matters...if there is a small business that you love, that has been there for you, please ensure you support they are standing on the other side.

In the meantime...find out what you can do to make a difference where you are located. We suggest you 1) stay calm, 2) wash your hands, 3) keep your distance, 4) stay physically isolated if ill, and 5) support your community. Come together and emerge stronger.