Creative Corner with Susie Shaugnessy

Ginew is grateful for our creative talent. We first met Susie in 2017 at a renegade Joshua Tree event Desert & Denim. Check out our chat with Susie, Ginew's Developer and Production Manager: 

portrait of Susie Shaughnessy

All photos by AMY LYNN @byamylynn

Apparel Designer, Business Owner, Vintage Aficionado & Creative Cook 

Ginew: Hello Susie. You’ve created incredible designs for Ginew, helping develop heirloom-quality garments that incorporate our Native culture. What gets you ready to create?
Susie: I start the day in my home studio with music … it sets the pace + mood. I do something creative every day to keep ideas flowing and to constantly strengthen the creative muscle. I use tumblr or social media to build a beautiful collection of images, especially days when the schedule is packed with more mundane tasks. If I’m not working on a design or a pattern, I get creative with cooking. 
Ginew: We may be inviting ourselves over for dinner soon! We love that your creativity spills over to the kitchen. Can you share with us the person who influenced your vocation? 

clothes hanging in Susie's house


Susie working in her studio


Susie: My artistic mom taught me how to sew when I was younger and I loved the process of creating items you could wear.
Ginew: Maternal influences run strong - when you were a child, what profession did you think you’d pursue? 
Susie: I’ve always wanted to design clothing, from the first dress I made for Barbie. I studied art + costume design at UC Berkeley and I worked in the theater department’s and created designs for dance + play productions. It led to an internship with a small clothing brand and eventually a position with Levi’s®. Denim became my obsession and the cornerstone to my designs. 
Ginew: We suspect your Barbie was the best dressed in your neighborhood. Creativity does show itself at a young age. Do you remember a significant experience when you were in awe of someone’s creativity?  

fabric in Susie's studio

hats and jackets hang in Susie's studio


Susie: My older sister Maggie is a very gifted artist. Growing up in a large family, we each had our own unique talents, but her skills + artwork always stood out. She recently started her own art studio to teach others to enhance their creative skills. 
Ginew: Congrats to your sister! Creative success runs deep in your family. We know you stay busy designing for Ginew;  how else do you spend time?
Susie: I collect and sell vintage apparel, vinyl and home goods - using a number of the styles to influence future designs as part of my own brand Crawford Denim and Vintage Co. I’ve been able to dress several of my favorite musicians, enabling me to blend my love of music with design. 
Ginew: Sounds like you’ve been successful incorporating your passions into all that you pursue - we can see that in what you create. Thank you for your time today Susie. Ginew is grateful that you share your creativity with us and the world.  

To our Ginew Community: Thank you for being part of our journey. If you'd like to peruse our collection and designs by our talented artists, click here. Wear with Spirit. 

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