Deer Hunt

Greetings from the northwoods of Wisconsin. Please forgive us if we are delayed in responding to you, we are in the woods - hunting deer, which we use in some of our garments. Deer hunting is a longstanding tradition in our families. Deer hides are the traditional textile of our clothing and are an intricate part of being Ojibwe - Oneida - and Mohican.

This entire week, we are back home with our families and spending a lot of time in the woods. It is a stark contrast to living in a city...waking each morning long before the sun rises, stoking the fire, and heading out into the stillness. Guided by moon and starlight, we walk into the woods each morning...and get to be a part of the rhythm of the forest. We love it. The morning animals all shuffle back to their dwellings...and the day animals wake up, in order, like clock work...and in the reverse order which the bed down or roost at night. The past three days have been - Eagle - Hawk - Grouse - Crow - Pileated Woodpecker - Blue Jay - Black Capped Chickadee... Animals are the same with deer - rabbit - squirrel - vole... It's a rhythm without engines or motors or sirens or is still, but it is not silent. It is brilliant.

Here is our view - just as the sun begins to rise to the Eastern Door.

 Ginew Deer Hunt West