The desert and denim vest - two of our favorites. During DESERT & DENIM 2017 we spent early, crisp mornings gathered to watch the sunrise. Slowly and expectantly, we would see the possibilities of a new day taking form. Extremes in the desert are no joke - from high 20's in the morning to 80's during the day - you better be prepared for the swift change in the elements. The Ginew Denim Vest is the perfect addition when encountering the desert - be it on foot or cruising. Each vest is 100% made in the USA - down to the threads and tags - with subtle and intentional nods to our cultures. The shell - made of Selvedge Denim from White Oak Cone Mills in Greensboro, NC - and the lining is wool blanket fabric made right here in Oregon by Pendleton. Inside you will find a welt pocket made from the softest deerskin - hunted by us with our family each Fall. Finished with custom snaps adorned with our very own Ginew crest symbol - which is a fusion of our tribal symbols for home, life, and creation. The Denim Vest is the perfect companion for your journey - in your town, around the world, or into the rural and remote places where you seek silence. The desert and the denim vest make a perfect match. Go ahead, follow the call and check out night vibes and celestial skies.

Stay-tuned, we have a limited run of the DENIM VEST with some oh-so-fancy stitching by our pals at FORT LONESOME