Portrait by Juxtalab


We recently returned from Berlin, Germany and the SELVEDGE RUN - FOCUS ON THE GOOD show. The city of Berlin has a contagious, positive energy driven by creative and welcoming people. Each night we joined with friends for laughter and slow dinners - often lasting hours. Each dinner was measured by the number of candles burnt. Brilliant. Showing the Ginew® collection at Selvedge Run allows us to mingle with premium denim-centric brands, while simultaneously meeting some of the most influential shops and press in the industry. This year we were part of a Pacific Northwest contingent featuring CRESCENT DOWN WORKS, DEHEN 1920, GINEW, AND WOOD & FAULK. After the show we made our way up to Sweden and Finland to spend time with our friends from INDIGO FERA. The Scandinavian vibe is amazing. From pristine nature, rich architectural history, and the age-old tradition of sauna - we are hooked and cannot wait to go back. IF you find yourself in Finland, find the nearest Russian dive bar and ask for "toasts" - thank us later.

Special thanks to our friends Mats, Kari, Jukka and Essi - what an amazing experience spending time with y'all. Looking forward to seeing y'all again soon!

The final day of our trip we relaxed back in Berlin by enjoying walks through Mitte and a couple small cafes (DONATH and DER HAHN IST TOT!). No visit to Berlin would be complete without stopping by one of our favorite men's shop - Burg & Schild. It was a pleasure to visit with the crew and talk story. BURG & SCHILD is a highly curated shop and we are honored to be a small part of the experience next to brands we admire. Please check them out. Inside you will find IRON HEART - INDIGO FERA - ROUGE TERRITORY - 3SIXTEEN - GINEW - REDWING BOOTS - DEHEN 1920 - STETSON - and many more.