Ginew is proud to support communities and organizations as WE (yes, all of us) respond the COVID-19 pandemic. YOU - the #GinewFam - have helped every step on this journey. Y'all raised funds in the first week of the stay-at-home order for hungry families in and around Portland. Now we ask for you to join us and share this positive message about protecting the ones you love by adapting your ways during the pandemic. Please watch, share, and learn how YOU can make a difference for tribal communities during this time.

Join the movement by #ExcercisingSafeSweats. COVID-19 poses a unique threat to our communities, our cultures, and our traditions. ASK your Elders to share WISDOM on how to ADAPT your ceremonies to practice your ways AT HOME. PROTECT the ones you LOVE. PRACTICE your ways AT HOME. TOGETHER...WE WILL..GROW STRONGER.

Produced by the Northwest Native American Center of Excellence in partnership with We R NativeWe Are Healers, and Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board.
Music: "The O.G."" by A Tribe Called Red
Permissions granted courtesy of A Tribe Called Red

Directed, filmed & edited by: Robert A. Cuadra (
Produced by Erik Brodt, MD

Special Thanks to:
Thompson Brothers Lax
Footage Permissions granted courtesy of Thompson Brothers Lacrosse, Gayle Kelley of One Bowl Productions, and Lukas Korver (