Far Out West Texas - is one of our absolute favorite places. No one particular element makes a trip to West TX amazing, rather, it is a mystical combination of people, circumstances, and skyscapes. "Alpine - Big Bend - Marfa" - that was our Western escape mantra while living in Houston, TX. Frequent visits resulted in life-long friendships and a deeply rooted appreciation for the TX land & sky. This year, El Cosmico and the Trans Pecos Festival served as the impetus behind the journey and the adventure ahead.

This year we made a custom piece for our friend Jamey of Garza Marfa. The vest is the same form as our WAX CANVAS VEST with a twist. Jamey's vest is lined with the custom Garza Marfa woven fabric featured in their furniture line. The colors in the fabric are directly inspired by the land and skyscapes of the Big Bend region and Marfa. Walking through the desert, one frequently finds prickly pear cactus. If you look closely, you will find the source of the brilliant reds used for ages by the first peoples of the region. The result is a piece which gently nods to the colors of the region - from earth - to cochineal - to sky.

This Fall we released the WAX CANVAS VEST - find the vest in-person at Burg & Schild (Berlin, Germany) and CONTEXT Clothing (Madison, WI). We were inspired to develop a classic vest with modern fit and minimal external branding. On this project we had the pleasure to work with JOHN BLASIOLI of Portland, OR. All components of the vest are sourced domestically and manufactured in Los Angeles. A deerskin welt pocket rests over the heart; made of deerskin hunted and prepared by us with our family. Inside the vest is lined with Pendleton® wool blanket fabric. Each snap cap bears the "Skydome Lodges" symbol which is a combination of two symbols from our respective tribes - one signifies the home or dwelling place, the other creation, bounty and life. Merged together, the symbol represents are different backgrounds and the flourishing of our home.

Special thanks to the kinds folks of Cobra Rock Boot Company, Folk Fibers, Fort Lonesome, Wood & Faulk and Carey Haider. Y'all made the trip truly amazing. We are looking ahead to meet up with our friends - new and old - next year under that brilliant sky in FAR OUT WEST TEXAS.

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