Fashioning America: Grit to Glamour Exhibition

Ginew is honored to share Native Americana with Crystal Bridges’ first exhibition dedicated to fashion. 

Fashioning America: Grit to Glamour, an exhibition offering a dynamic integration between video, imagery and over 100 garment and accessories from across two centuries of fashion.

Through seven themed sections showcasing the expanse of American fashion as the amalgamation of all things culture—from denim jeans to bathing suits, sneakers to cowboy boots, zoot suits to leisure suits, sportswear to underwear, and Hollywood glamour to street style—the exhibition emphasizes the work of Black and Native American designers and features geographical representation of fashion designers and histories from across the country. 

The Heritage Coat: Learn More

From a recent interview with Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, "And the Ginew Heritage Coat ... it was recognizing that Native excellence has existed at every moment in current or contemporary US history as well as prior to the United States. At every moment on this continent, throughout history, Native excellence has existed, has emerged, and risen. And what this coat, to me, represents is Native excellence rising at a time of great social change for us," says Erik Brodt, cofounder of Ginew, the first Native American-owned denim collection. 

"We didn’t come on to this scene to be included or make sure there was Native representation in the denim industry. We have something to say. And we’re not here to be included. We believe Native excellence belongs in the premium denim industry and Native excellence will rise to the point of leadership." 

Special thank you to Amy & Byron Ninham for highlighting Ginew at the museum’s first-ever gala to support museum education programs. 


Fashioning America will be on view September 10, 2022 - January 30, 2023
Cover photo by Novo Studio