Fine Lines & Magic Moments

Some folks start their days early - David is one of them. His day job involves crafting one of the best coffees in NE Portland...and his side hustles of fly fishing, surfing, and shaping boards...well, equally impressive. Last week we caught up to see how things are on the water - ocean and river - because he just got back from a quick trip chasing sunsets...and dreams along the waters. The Pacific Northwest is not easy on anyone...just get outside and experience the mountains, waves, weather, and terrain. You'll quickly learn both the joys and struggles of being outside and in some of the most unpredictable places has its might take hours and hours to find your place or hours of waiting for conditions to be fair enough. To David, it is all worth it, "...finding those magic moments - paddling all day with waves and chop, casting endlessly without any hits, just to have that one hour. That hour when everything lines up. That's what we chase. That's what we work so hard to experience." The fine lines & magic moments...we wish you many of them.