Deep in the heart of TX...Austin, TX - the Ft. LONESOME studio is tucked away in a quiet corner of the live-music capital of the world. They churn out some of the best hand-cranked, chain-stitched garments on the planet (oft adorned at those Music awards shows). We love Ft. LONESOME as fans & friends.

Ginew has teamed up with Ft. LONESOME to support the SUMMER NATIONAL PARKS CONCERT TOUR of DANA FALCONBERRY through the auction of two limited edition Ginew chore coats featuring custom chain-stitching. The two designs represent Saguaro and Sequoia National Parks. Follow the Ft. LONESOME Instagram account for more details on the auction. All proceeds will benefit the National Parks Tour and National Parks Foundation.

Dana is Ft. LONESOME's very own vocalist-in-residence & mighty-fine chain-stitcher. Dana will be performing her music at some of the most beautiful parks in the country to celebrate the Centennial of the US National Parks Service. She is critically acclaimed by the New York Times, "Her music is gentle yet intricate: a rusticated chamber music using banjo, cello, and staggered, contrapuntal harmonies with the other women in her band in songs of wordless interludes that unfurled a skein of possibilities." In short, go hear Dana in person and be amazed.

We met Ft. LONESOME in the magic days between Houston and Austin, TX - in a vibrant community of friends and enthusiasts. One thing led to another, and they ended up hand-cranking the collar tags for our first coat: Ginew HERITAGE COAT. Each tag was intricately and thoughtfully crafted to be unique in a limited series of seventy-six. During those days we had the pleasure of meeting Dana, an ebullient and talented woman. We are thrilled to be teaming up with the Ft. LONESOME crew again to support the US National Parks Service and Ms. Dana's National Parks Tour.

All the best Ms. Dana. Deep from the heart...in Portland.