Natural wonders abound in Oregon...some near, others far. While we reside in Portland, OR - and love the city deeply - it's a treat to venture out, especially these days, and explore the wild side a bit. This journey we stepped way out of Portland into the more remote parts of Oregon and made many moments to soak in the beauty and grandeur. As always, we recieved a little help from our friends at the JENNINGS HOTEL and those darlings at FT LONESOME. This is the maiden voyage of my DENIM SHOP JACKET stitched up by none other...than the FtL crew.

2020 is special for Ginew...it marks TEN YEARS as a brand and company...which is a bit stunning when we stop to consider...as time seems to have flown by so quickly. One thing is certain, the greatest gift Ginew has provided us is a community - all over the world - of like-minded doers & dreamers. Ft Lonesome has been paramount to our journey...welcoming us in and mentoring us in this realm early, being stalwart examples of excellence, and showing us what it means to stay true to your values. We've roamed the world with them a bit...TX...CA...and beyond. Now I'm carrying them with me every day in the rad Ginew buffalo stitching they dreamed up and stitched onto this favorite denim jacket. PLEASE - go check them out and send them some LOVE. They are our faves.

The past month has been wild and vacillating - with pandemic + social discourse + looming and uncertain challenges. It's not easy to hear natural messages in stillness these days...but the voices persist and are there. Beautiful, wild, and glorious moments exist and remain in every day. Perhaps the pandemic has taught us more about ourselves and communities...perhaps we will learn to listen better. What I am more certain of that ever is the balance and harmony of life. What I'm learning is to be still and listen more...to remain aware of ancestors, future ancestors, and those yet to come. Listen to the wild things...listen to their messages and voices...they have seen all of this before. Much love and appreciation to y'all. Be well - stay safe - spread hope & love.