It was only a matter of time - truly. There are some items that last, and last, and last. The past year and a half has pushed us to go through the things we carry in our reconsider how much of anything we need...and to be more intentional and present with everything. Everything. Going through the active circulation of our wardrobe provided a profound moment. What does it mean to sustain? What does it truly mean to be sustainable? Is it creating something new from new, more "sustainable" components? Is it creating something new that will endure for many seasons? Is it both? Is it neither? I have worn my collegiate team-issue football sweatshirts consistently, without fail, for over two decades. These pieces are built to stick around...and I couldn't help myself from taking a deep dive into the construction - from fabric to silhouette to construction. Enter the GINEW CREW SWEATSHIRTS - built to last, and last, and last.

The sweatshirt features an Iconic team-issue silhouette with artisanal touches and meticulous construction. AND it is ultra, ultra comfy - like, wear-it-everyday-during-a-pandemic comfy - over a year of wear to the point that your loving partner muses aloud about ceremoniously offering it up to the fashion gods by fire. AND the sweatshirt is constructed to be exceptionally durable - this is part of our sustainability concept. You need not buy new sweatshirts every year...we intend for these to endure...we intend for these sweatshirts to be on heavy rotation in your wardrobe. Planned obsolescence - good riddance. 

The GINEW CREW SWEATSHIRTS are crafted 100% in the USA with domestic materials from start to finish to exacting standards: materials beginning with thread - we obsessed over the smallest of details - from custom knit French Terry fabric to working closely with a small, family owned factory in California to achieve the sweatshirt of our dreams. Say hello to your favorite sweatshirt!