To say there are roads less traveled in Oregon is an understatement. Far from paved roads and even further from the buzz of the city is a state of being where sunrise and sunset are your guide.

The weather is slowly warming up in Portland and it is almost time to get "The Raven," our 1971 F250, out of the barn and go exploring. Driving to the end of the pavement in an old truck invites stories and circumstances rooted in nostalgia. We love it.

We met the end of the pavement and kind folks in Imnaha, Oregon.

"I drove a truck like that in high school..." The opening line to a timeless visit in the general store sharing stories and common, human experience.

Our hosts shared about their life, their community, and made certain to point us in the right direction to see the main event of Friday night. The sunset, high above the treeline in a vast bunch grass prairie. The "road," a single lane, stone track doodled onto the landscape...which you could see for miles and miles at the crest of the prairie.

The best advice of the evening..."Well, y'all better hurry up. You do not want to miss it." For sure, thanks for the hospitality and the front row seats to life in your community.