Tucked into the Northeastern corner of Oregon, where wide-open grasslands are cloaked with sky colliding with jagged mountain tops, is Joseph. A tiny town built on hard work and full of character.

Joseph, Oregon is one of our favorite places to visit - the people are honest, the land dictates your day, and friendships are real. We love what our friends Greg and Ashley have done over the past four years at THE JENNINGS HOTEL.

They have invested countless hours of thought and labor into the delicate and methodical - nay loving - restoration of a 108 year-old icon along the main street. They have fueled the revival of the Jennings Hotel with relationships - with real community investment.

We've stayed at the Jennings Hotel every year for the past three years - and have enjoyed every minute. It's been a pleasure to watch the Jennings transform - room by room. Intention. Detail. Love. Craft. What we love most is that the Jennings is a meeting place - a community - a moment with passersby open to a better world. A world where we all work together - as a community - to make something much greater than the sum of its parts.

We long for the mornings at The Jennings...over coffee and impromptu, shared breakfast...with new faces who seem as old friends. All of us sharing our short, borrowed time in a place prone to joy, laughter, and song.

Go ahead - find out for yourself...and please say hello to Greg and Ashley for us. We won't be too far behind you.