Never seen anything quite like a Joshua Tree... I'm not certain what it is, but they have a presence which seems essential and minimal, yet are full and complex. This Spring offered our first trip into the desert of southern California and Joshua Tree National Park. What a trip. Go - it is amazing. It was also our first trip to DESERT & DENIM. Just like the desert, our experience at Desert & Denim exceeded expectations. The gathering offered a renegade hybrid vibe of equal parts tradeshow, market, and campout. The morning sunrises in the desert were calm and crisp, only to be rivaled in the evenings by the gentle hues of the Joshua Tree-lined sunsets. Those sunsets seem to last hours. Taking a walk through the desert with our friends from EL GRITO TAQUERIA and WOOD & FAULK led to good times, great laughs, and new discoveries in this truly stunning landscape. When you go...plan to make it for a sunrise and make sure to stay well past sunset.

Ginew has been busy in the past 6 months. We will be re-stocking on the Heritage Coat, Chore Coat, and Rider Jackets...with a few new surprises. This year will also be our first season with denim jeans and button-up shirting...done our way with premium fabrics and a touch of family-inspired culture & history. Stay tuned - we have some treats in store for you.