There is a lot of room between Wisconsin and Oregon. We've made the trip a number of times and each time there is something new.

New routes, new people, and new appreciations. One thing that stands out is where the West begins. Ask ten people, and you will likely hear ten different answers.

Our answer - the West begins when you cross the Missouri River. There is a sudden and distinct change in landscape and feel. The great Midwest goes from dense forests into the long, open, and flat (SO FLAT) lands of North and South Dakota. But cross the Missouri and you've made it.

Made it to a place of wonder and enchantment - a place that has inspired and broken people - and a place which cannot be experienced at 80 MPH. We slow down - take the alternate routes - and stop to see and feel the energy of each area.

Camping along the Missouri River and making a slow and intentional drive to Billings, Montana...what surprises. A herd of buffalo - grand views - the song of the winds - and the crisp, clean air of Spring time.

Our time along the "Little Muddy" was the best.