We have enjoyed many hours on the road this year. Currently, we are in Berlin for Fashion Week 2018 and winter is in full effect in both Portland and Northern Germany. The days may be cold, yet they are slowly and surely getting longer.

Just this week song birds began returning. We are delighted. Their return only means Spring is around the corner and time to get The Raven out of the barn, dust her off, and try more of those wide-open, Western roads of Oregon. Raven is ready to soar.

My present mood is reflective - I reflect on the high desert drive across Montana, Washington and Oregon this past Summer. Living out of the bed tool box and taking as many side roads as possible. Spontaneous - free - intentional.

What is over the ridge...around this bend...along the river bed? In the coming weeks, we will start our excursions into distant corners of the Pacific Northwest.

To get outside - watch the sunrise and sunset - listen to wind through the sage - feel the rushing rivers of Spring thaw - and take in the moments that really matter. I can hardly wait. We look forward to sharing our adventures with you AND to learning about yours.

Here comes the Spring and it's calling to all of us. Listen up - take action - get moving. The blue roads are calling.

Here's to your next adventure!