North | White...the seasons to pause and reflect on the stages of life.
This is the place of wisdom

East | Yellow...the season of rebirth and new beginnings.
This is the place of the Spirit

The GINEW CREW TEES are made to meet our exacting standards. Inspired by collegiate-issue tees from Erik's football days...the Ginew Crew Tees are made to last. We created them from the ground up - using a custom knit fabric to emulate the integrity and toughness of the originals and combined it with a easy feel cut that is perfect for many occasions. Erik's team-issue tees have lasted for decades - by design - and we aim to provide the Ginew Family with a sustainable, 100% cotton tee that will be comfortable, durable, and fashionable.


We specifically chose the primary colors of the four directions for our first run of crew we have been pausing and thinking about the seasons of life (North | White) much reflection during the pandemic. And...there are some serious new beginnings with the birth of our child (East | Yellow). We recognize life has seasons and lessons...a cycle...that we've been taught about...and now are truly beginning to understand. At Ginew, we choose to incorporate colors, symbols, designs, and teachings from our family and Tribes into the collection. These are lessons on how to live a good life - they are lessons of kindness, grace, and humility. We - Amanda and Erik - share these ideas and values with you...know they are included in every stitch, thread, and design we offer.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share our family story with you...and know we are delighted that when you wear Ginew, you are creating your own story and memories as well. In gratitude...

North x Northeast.

Special thanks to our friends at THE JENNINGS HOTEL in Joeseph, Ore. - Greg + Marge. This journey follows the Northern tier across Oregon...through the Gorge...onto the Steppe...and along the storied Wallowa River. Tracing the path of the North - thinking and reflecting - and then looking to the East in a new beginning.

RUBINSKI WORKS - Much love for dreaming with us on this project.