After driving back to Portland, OR from Austin, TX - definitely without shortage of amazing views and back roads - it was time to complete the bandana project. We worked with Walker and Magnetic North in SE Portland, who kindly opened up their studio space. The natural dye process with Maura (FOLK FIBERS) was amazing and, as a group, we wanted to stay true to the dyes and the unique qualities of each piece.

Much thought and experimentation went into the decision to choose the correct process to affix the designs. Screen print, resist, and discharge techniques were all considered to accomplish our collective vision. Given the unique qualities of the naturally dyed fabric and the intricate designs, we settled on discharge printing the bandanas. Screen printing seemed to "cover up" the beauty of the naturally dyed fabrics, whereas the resist was not able to maintain the integrity of intricate details. Discharging allowed us to apply a resin which would essentially reverse the dying process without fully eliminating the presence of the natural dye color. After "pulling" the resin through the screen and applying it to the bandana, we heated each bandana individually. It felt like magic! With heating the opaque resin would react and the design would brighten and appear crisp in a matter of seconds. All 240 bandanas were complete in time for the El Cosmico Trans Pecos Festival of Music & Love in Marfa, TX.

Special thanks to our dear friends Chap & Maura of FOLK FIBERS - who graciously hosted us at their ranch outside of Austin, TX. AND special thanks to NICOLE MASON who came by the studio to shoot the discharge process from beginning to end.

Analog - slowing down - being present - and enjoying the scenic route. Vision accomplished!