Made in Oregon, USA - we mean it. From sheep grazing the green Cascade Mountain range meadows to the finishing touches of each blanket - every step of the WE WALK TOGETHER blanket is made right here in America. At Ginew, we are committed to sourcing the highest quality materials, an investment in the make of every single piece in our collection - be it personally hunting the deer we use on our collars or working directly with DYANI WHITE HAWK to design and PENDLETON WOOLEN MILLS to weave our custom blanket fabric. The absolute best materials go into our collection. The end result is a meticulously sourced piece which you can count on to look great and last. The WE WALK TOGETHER blanket embodies our commitment to excellence.

PENDLETON WOOLEN MILLS is a family-owned business opened in 1909, headquartered in Portland, Oregon which has set the standard for premium wool blankets for over 100 years. Pendleton blankets are cherished heirlooms pieces in families - and in our communities - are used to honor significant life events. The family tradition of Pendleton continues with John Bishop now serving as the President of Pendleton - keeping excellence in the family for five generations of leadership.

Pendleton welcomed us to see the complete process of our blanket production. Seriously, the complete process from beginning to end - starting with recently shorn wool prep and wool yarn dyeing to the delicate finishing and folding of each blanket. All of this - each step - done by community members. Pendleton employs 200 people in communities along the Columbia River - people who are the heart and soul of each thread, trim and pattern. Walking through the mill you sense a deep pride and commitment to excellence in craftsmanship, design, and community engagement.


Flying high overhead during fabric “perching” - the process using natural light to inspect the wool blanket fabric - our guide pauses and beams with satisfaction, "We see a lot of beautiful patterns here. The Ginew pattern is stunning. Watching it perch overhead makes me happy every time. There is just something really special about it. We love it."

Amanda and I are grateful to have our wool blankets and fabric made right here in Oregon, USA by the people of Pendleton Woolen Mills. We take great pride in working with a local, family-owned woolen mill at the pinnacle of woolen textile craft...all in our backyard. Tradition - community engagement - textile excellence - MADE IN OREGON, USA - from start to finish by Pendleton Woolen Mills. This makes us happy.