Meet Raven. The Ginew truck - a 1971 F250 Camper Special. After two years in the shop and barn, Raven was dusted off for the journey to Portland. We did not intend to keep the truck long. After finishing up training in Seattle, Erik moved to Wisconsin to be with Amanda. Job finished, apartment cleaned, and ready for a new chapter. The only problem was the cost of renting a U-Haul exceeded our savings. Luckily, Erik found a stonemason eager to sell the oldest truck in his company fleet...much cheaper than the price of a U-Haul and with a topper. Deal. Done. Erik and his father made some minor repairs and packed up all of our belongings. Then drove from Seattle to Wisconsin on the "HIGHLINE" - HWY 2.

After that trip, Erik just could not part with the truck. Each year since, we have fixed something. Sometimes something small, other times something bigger. Most recently - the engine needed work...and our friends back home worked on it with us over the past 18 months. Just like our collection, we have incorporated little details into Raven. We had some fabrics remaining from our first run of Heritage Coats which we used to repair tears in the bench seat. We made sure to remain true to the spirit of this truck, while making some subtle and custom additions.

The best part about Raven is taking your time and watching the world go by at 55 MPH. Driving in Raven is like riding a couch across the country. If traveling any faster, we would likely miss the little gems of the journey. We love rolling the windows down, braids blowing in the wind, and following our whims through places less traveled. Sit back, relax...enjoy the ride.