The excitement of the first Stay Wild EXPO is still alive in us despite the distance we have covered in the past few days. We decided to make a trip home to visit our families - covering the distance from Portland, OR to Wisconsin in our van. Each night we have set up camp in a different spot - Montana, Minnesota, and now Wisconsin. Most of our time of late has been spent on deserted roads, in forests and along rivers. Rivers - we love them. 

By happenstance we have spent each night within ear shot of a river - Hood, Clark Fork, Yellowstone, St. Louis, & Wolf Rivers. Each has it's own personality and messages to share. However, at this time most rivers are hinting of the Fall and Winter to come. Leaves float by more frequently and the hues of early Autumn leaves reflect upon the water. The warm, humid air of the mid-west Summer quickly fades after sunset to a clean, crisp breeze on the river bank.

We take things slowly and listen to the rivers laugh and chuckle. The evenings linger on these shores sitting on our camp stools (thank you Matt of Wood & Faulk) close to a smokeless, crackling fire. The night closes in and the stars shine brightly without the moon. Tomorrow begins again, just as the previous day ended. Along a river - somewhere - and around a fire.

"Traveling with a dog, it doesn't get better than that..." Words of dear friend we met up with in Duluth, MN for breakfast. We could not agree more. Traveling with the dogs is so much fun - even in a small van.

Coming soon as the Fall approaches | Ginew X Duckworth knit hat & watch cap | Pendleton® wool blanket lined barn coat & vests