Say his name. G E O R G E    F L O Y D. Say her name. B R E O N N A   T A Y L O R. Say his name. A H M A U D   A R B E R Y. Say his name. S E A N   R E E D. Say his name. T O N Y   M c D A D E. The list goes on...and on... This should trouble us all.

The senseless murder of an unarmed, black man while hand-cuffed and in Minneapolis police custody has roiled the nation and resulted in a crying-out from coast-to-coast to: 1) End police brutality, in particular against people of color, 2) Rid our government of systemic racism and white supremacy, 3) Organize and elect leaders who will see through dismantling the architecture of these systemic injustices in American life and government.

THIS MUST CHANGE and we encourage you to do what you can to BE PART OF THE SOLUTION to heal and transform our country...toward becoming a nation more whole, more unified, more just...

Say his name - "GEORGE FLOYD" AND get involved - in your neighborhood - get involved locally, regionally, and nationally. Do what you can to make this world better. Use your talents to make a difference. Let your voice resound as you speak out against racism, systemic injustices, and the pain which has gone on far too long. Lift up the youth and support them as they ascend to become our future leaders. Make the time to enrich and support them...make certain they reach their fullest potential.

We are tremendously proud of the young leaders in Portland who are emerging during this time - leading THOUSANDS of people peacefully through our neighborhoods and streets in solidarity. LOOK closely at the image where over 10,000 people "dead lay" (for nine minutes) on Burnside in Portland. NOTICE the sea of people extending beyond the bridge for blocks & blocks. What a beautiful moment to participate in and witness amidst this sad and infuriating week.

Now we ask you to do your part to heal your community, state, our nation, and beyond. We The People are woven together, and we must choose our path forward...leaning towards the good...bending towards justice...and LOVE. Together, WE WILL GROW STRONGER and move toward a just society.

Special thanks to our friends JOSUÉ RIVAS for creating the fotos and PORTUGAL. THE MAN FOUNDATION for rolling.

Listed below are some resources as you consider ways of getting involved. We specifically call out MIGIZI INC which is in our home territory and burned during recent events in Minneapolis. Much love and respect to you all. Truly - we are all in this together.


Ways You Can Help

National Resource List #GeorgeFloyd

8 Can't Wait

Anti-racism resources for white people

Grassroots Law Project