Mitte - "The Middle" - is a buzz. This week Berlin, Germany is hosting Summer fashion week. Nestled in the classic brickwork of a renovated brewery is Selvedge Run. A different type of trade show - one attune to slow fashion with and eye for quality menswear and crafted goods. This year marked our first time visiting Europe as a brand. Ginew returns to Berlin next in 2017, yet we still feel a part of the community of brands, shops, and press surrounding the events of the 2016 Summer shows.

The show highlights brands which adhere to simple standards and criteria they value - 1) brand character 2) longevity and transparency in production 3) craft and passion for manufacturing. The result is a cross-section of brands, shops, and press from around the world dedicated to heritage and iconic style. Participating in the show was amazing for our brand. We were able to share our story with a new audience equally conscious of authenticity and quality. Not only were we able to meet established brands, we were also able to meet many newcomers and forward-thinkers in this niche world. In short, if you have the chance to participate - go.

What really makes the show are the people behind the scenes and brands. Two brands from the show stick out for us - Dehen 1920 and IndigoFera (links on images). Dehen is an icon of Americana - their motorcycle sweaters have been known world-wide for almost 100 years. Their commitment to local, sustainable production with the highest quality materials is something we resonate with. For Dehen to last 100 years is truly inspirational. IndigoFera is a fun-loving, adventure-seeking brand hailing from Scandinavia. Their team of young-guns are equally passionate about living life as they are about their line. Follow their journeys around the world as they adventure in some of the most beautiful and rugged places on the planet. To keep up with these guys, the clothes must be durable and ready for real adventure...let alone look great.

This week we may be physically in Portland, but a little bit of our spirit is in Mitte - the heart and soul of Berlin, Germany. Walking among the quiet crowds and joyful folks that make a stay their so pleasant and rejuvenating. One note, if you go to Berlin get to the THE CIRCUS HOSTEL as quickly as you can. You will have the time of your life.

From Portland, OR with thoughts of Mitte.