We have returned to Portland from Europe and Selvedge Run 2018. What a blast! It is always a treat to meet up with friends, meet new ones, and visit with innovators in the industry.

This season the venue of Selvedge Run expanded to the MARSHALL HAUS - a beautiful, well-lit space which fostered a great sense of community and built upon the success of previous Selvedge Run shows. This is definitely the show for Ginew.

This year we were able to spend extra time with INDIGO FERA and PALLET LIFE STORY. In addition, we were able to spend time visiting with unique shops from around the world - namely BURG & SCHILD, DIVISION ROAD, FOUR ACES, GOTEBURG MANUFAKTUR, JEANSLIFE QUALITY CLOTHINGSTATEMENT STORE, AND DENIM HEADS in Prague.

The highlight of the time after the show was a jam packed, 24 hours in Prague with the DENIM HEADS team. Get there as fast as you can and have the time of your life - thanks DENIM HEADS! 

There are a number of surprises coming in 2018 - with the release of a couple new items, so stay tuned for updates. Special thanks to the Selvedge Run Team! - you did an amazing job and continue to exceed expectations.