New to the West End of Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado is CANOE CLUB - a menswear store of appreciation and story. The team behind the shop has a vision for a comfortable shopping experience, where everyone will feel an instant warmth the moment they step through the door. From the McIntosh stereo spinning records all day, to the meticulously curated selection of Japanese whiskeys, a visit to CANOE CLUB feels like time spent with close friends. At Ginew, we are excited to be a part of the CANOE CLUB experience. We appreciate the high value they place on the smallest of details and the pride they take in working with a family-owned business. When in the Boulder, Colorado area - make time to visit the team at CANOE CLUB. Enjoy some vinyl, whiskey, and good story among your new friends. They are waiting for you and, as they promise, "No pressure, just good vibes."

CANOE CLUB carries a wide range of the Ginew collection. Go there to learn more about the story of the HERITAGE COAT - RIDER JACKETS - VESTS.