Shoplight : Feinfracht

We are excited to welcome a new stockist to the Ginew community in Switzerland, Feinfracht. Go ahead - check out their online shop, give them a follow on social channels, AND if you are in the area stop in and visit with the Feinfracht team. They currently carry Ginew jeans, sweatshirts, bandanas, and other items but check out the store often as new items become available. You'll understand immediately why we are so thrilled to be part of their highly curated shop.

Feinfracht shared a bit of their story with us to share with you:

"We are located in Bern and Basel Switzerland. In both Towns, we have a shop in the Historic District of the town. The Kramgasse where we are located in Bern has it’s beginning in 1191.

Our Vision is to supply our customers with high quality classic American Jeans and Workwear. We want to sell products that become better with age and wear and stand the test of time. We believe having a physical store in this little niche world of clothing is essential. There is so much love, thought and soul in the products we offer, it’s hard to transfer this over to an online store, especially for people new to this niche. Nevertheless, we believe in online sales and run our own webshop.

We are keeping customer service easy going and try not to annoy our customers with the classic retail bla bla bla like "...this is my favorite piece in the shop." We are here for our customers and tell the story behind every product if they would like to hear it. Many People are deep into the goods we offer and already know pretty much everything about them and would rather talk about their dogs, kids, motorcycles and have an espresso, that’s totally fine too :))"

 And why they carry Ginew:

"Ginew is a brand with so much story, soul and love behind every piece. The symbolism and Native background make this a very unique and special brand. Ginew is as authentic as it gets and as a very nice mix of work wear and jeans wear."