Goteborg - on the West Coast of Sweden - is an old, Swedish harbor city. A city rooted in its seafaring ways of ship building, trade and fishing.

We just returned from a whirlwind trip to Sweden where we caught up with friends. The people of Göteborg Manufaktur extended an invitation for us to visit and see Goteborg through their eyes. It was an offer we could not refuse. 

Immediately, the similarities between Portland, Oregon and Goteborg, Sweden were clear - water, industry, hard working and kind people. From the harbor walk and the Alvsborg Bridge, to the cafes and pubs of the "second-longest-street" - Goteborg has a creative energy and can-do spirit you can feel.

Jonas and Olof opened with the vision of being "more than just another shop" - they aim to be a hangout where friends meet and share their enthusiasm for denim and high quality garments...with libations and coffee, of course.

They are students of textiles and manufacturing - with deep appreciation and knowledge of quality goods and garments and the skills to handle difficult denim repairs. Initially, they began as a denim repair shop and naturally their vision grew into Goteborg Manufaktur - a shop where you can find high quality garments and denim...without the fuss. 

Goteborg is special - with the perfect pairing of ocean romance and some of the most welcoming people on the planet. Our advice, Get to Goteborg as fast as you can, find Goteborg Manufaktur and chat with Jonas and will enjoy every minute.