Nestled among a number of independent and unique shops in Mangwondong Seoul, Korea is the recently relocated and newly opened SLOWROCK.

We first met up with the SLOWROCK team, Josh & Sam, while at Selvedge Run in Berlin. Amanda and I enjoyed talking with them about each item in the Ginew collection - from components and construction, to inspiration and story. Their shop is meticulously curated to offer limited items with classic, timeless design and superior quality.

The vision for SLOWROCK is to offer people in Seoul the opportunity to directly encounter brands from around the world which are not widely available in Korea. By approaching each store visitor as a friend and not as a potential sale, Josh & Sam seek to create lasting relationships and effectively share the stories of each item in their store.

We are delighted to be carried in SLOWROCK and wish them much success. Currently, the SLOWROCK stocks a handful of Ginew jackets and tees - look for more items to be carried in the future. Strong work Josh & Sam!