Say hello to WILSON & WILLY'S, now stocking Ginew in Minneapolis, MN. Tucked into the vibrant NORTH LOOP, the shop compliments the city's perfect balance of art, business, and culture. We recently stopped into the shop to visit with the team and spend some time in the neighborhood. From across the street, we could immediately tell that Wilson & Willy's is up to something special. Their vision for storytelling, experimentation, and collaboration is clear as you browse the carefully curated brands and house label. We immediately noticed the feel of the shop. It embodies a clean, industrial feel, which is made cozy by warm lighting and natural wood grain shelving. The team at Wilson & Willy's takes great pride in serving their customers, making certain they go the extra distance to ensure personal responses to all communication. For instance, the team answers their phone rather than sending you to voicemail and will email you back immediately once they have an answer to your questions. Wilson & Willy's is a perfect fit for Ginew - the team takes great pride in quality and transparency throughout all phases of product development. The little things matter to Wilson & Willy's - just like they matter to us. Thoughtfully designed details, meticulously sourced materials, and truly valued perspective of American manufacturing - these things matter and make a difference. Find out for yourself. Go check out Wilson & Willy's - we know you will love what you discover.

Make time to visit with your friends at SPOON & STABLE and THE BACHELOR FARMER. Minneapolis - we love you.